Avalon Gardens Nursery

Mary Sligluff

We are one in the same, my nursery and I. I farm it, nurture it and maintain over 500 varieties of perennials and shrubs. The plants are grown in sustainable conditions, with natural fertilizers and fungicides. Pests are eliminated only when absolutely necessary and with organics. I left my career at the Cleveland Clinic in 1997 to start this business. I was a clinical laboratory specialist in Cytogenetics, however, I was also the mother of a 5 year old and 3 year old triplets. I needed to follow my passion, take my kids and biological knowledge out in the field…literally! On January 1st, 1998 Avalon Gardens Inn and Nursery was born.

The farm/nursery/bed and breakfast (avalongardensinn.com) has been a place to raise my kids, shelter my elderly mother and meet the most amazing customers and fellow green industry workers.